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Founder's Story

Miguel Arao began his journey as a customer service representative, a role he took due to its job availability. Over time, he advanced to positions like dispute analyst and manager. Eager to grow, Miguel transitioned into the virtual assistant industry, where he found his true calling as a tech virtual assistant for various clients.

In this role, Miguel tapped into the vast potential of the technology industry. He learned different applications that improved his clients' businesses, fueling his passion for innovation and problem-solving. Eventually, he became an automation specialist through diligent self-study. This period made Miguel realize the importance of pursuing a passion-driven career and nurturing one's potential through opportunities and the right environment.

Motivated to learn, Miguel took online computer science, technology, and entrepreneurship courses. He discovered that 90% of startups fail due to reasons like unprepared teams, weak business models, and poor scaling. He also observed that the lack of a reliable partner for feedback, improvement, and idea generation often led to their downfall.

With an understanding of startups and the importance of pursuing a passion, Miguel created i3 Visionaries, a company focused on making a lasting social impact on businesses and the workforce.

i3 Visionaries is dedicated to providing on-demand support for startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses, helping them scale accurately, access expertise, and partner with a committed team. Through intrapreneurial support from talented professionals and on-demand assistance, we aim to eliminate employment commitment challenges and make success possible for these businesses.

Our mission goes beyond supporting startups and small businesses; we aim to provide life-changing opportunities for passionate, talented individuals eager to learn and grow. Everyone has unique talents and should invest their time, with one-third of human lives spent working, in something they are passionate about. By creating an environment where talented individuals can thrive, contribute to the companies they serve, and find the right support, we strive to transform work into a fulfilling, gratifying, and meaningful endeavor.

In conclusion, i3 Visionaries is committed to revolutionizing the business landscape and workforce by offering on-demand support and nurturing an environment that fosters growth for both businesses and individuals. By bridging the gap between startups and talented professionals, we aim to create a world where work is fueled by passion, innovation, and collaboration.

Join us on this remarkable journey

As i3 Visionaries, led by Miguel Arao, continues to inspire and transform lives, one passionate individual and business at a time. Explore our services, meet our team, and let us help you unlock your full potential, together.


Miguel Carlos Arao

Jinkee Po - Virtual Assistant
Jinkee Po - Virtual Assistant
Miguel Carlos Arao - Virtual Assistant
Miguel Carlos Arao - Virtual Assistant
Mishi Nicole Leonardo  - Virtual Assistant
Mishi Nicole Leonardo  - Virtual Assistant
Founder | Automation & Technical Expert

Jinkee Po

Mishi Nicole Leonardo

Graphic Designer | Administrative Officer
Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Prabin Kumar Mahato

Ivy Amor Lasta

Graphic Designer
Ivy Amor Lasta - Virtual Assistant
Ivy Amor Lasta - Virtual Assistant
Automation Specialist

Gift Esema

Content Strategist & Writer


"To support businesses to overcome the challenges of a limited workforce through the provision of unparalleled versatile and on-demand support, enabling our clients to scale their operations with precision and efficiency."

"To be the top choice for on-demand workforce solutions for businesses and a premier agency for talents to pursue their passions and achieve their career aspirations through fostering a culture of learning, growth, and self-development opportunities."